Bill Murray Talks Ghostbusters 3 Plot (Spoiler Warning)

February 8, 2010 by  
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bill murray300Bill Murray has spoken about the plot of the new Ghostbusters movie and revealed a pretty major spoiler, which is why I’m making this sentence extra-long so it won’t show in the preview.

There we go.

Well, Bill Murray has revealed that he will appear as a ghost in Ghostbusters 3.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Murray revealed that the idea for him to come back as ghost was his idea. “I’ll come back in Ghostbusters 3 only if I get to be a ghost,”

“I said to them, ‘I’ll do it if you kill me off in the first reel’. So now they are going to have me as a ghost in the film.”

Murray then talked about the franchise itself saying that he disliked the first sequel because the special effects had centre stage (George Lucas, please take note).

“The first 45 minutes of the original Ghostbusters is some of the funniest stuff ever made,” he remarked. “The second one was disappointing, because the special effects guys took over. I had something like two scenes – and they’re the only funny ones in the movie.”

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