Treasure Island Reboot In The Work (Arrr)

February 15, 2010 by  
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pirate-flagBatten down the hatches. The endless reboots just keep on coming. This time, it’s swashbuckling adventure classic Treasure Island that’s getting a touch up – apparently Ecosse Films are looking to update Robert Louis Stevenson’s Long John Silver to appeal to a modern audience.

So basically it’s going to be Pirates Of The Caribbean without being part of that franchise. Haven’t we had enough of that? Johnny Depp is the undisputed master of cinematic timber-shivering. Without his charisma and without the enormous budget that Pirates has, where’s Treasure Island going to be left? Lost at sea, that’s where.

Apparently narrator Jim Hawkins and Long John will be a bit more of a double act this time round (no doubt seeking to capitalise on the Sherlock Holmes/Watson bromance in Guy Ritchie’s recent reboot), so expect some big names to be tossed about.

It’ll be about the thousandth incarnation of Treasure Island – Long John Silver’s been played by everyone from Orson Welles to Tim Curry – so it remains to be seen if this version will bring anything new on deck. Avast!

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