Go Backstage At The BAFTAs

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bafta-logo-440x320Ever disagreed with BAFTA’s decisions when it comes to the annual film awards? Well join the club…

But this year instead of mumbling your discontent as you flick through the next day’s newspaper, why not be on hand to tell the winners and losers just what you think of them in person?

Well in keeping with the charitable work that BAFTA do for the British film and television industries, they are offering film fans the chance to watch the ceremony live on a big screen backsrtage as their panel of high-profile film experts react to and debate the results.

“In an informal and fun atmosphere, audience members will contribute to the panel discussion as they share their own reactions to the winners. Plus, before and after the ceremony, there will be the opportunity to put your questions to citation readers, industry insiders and the BAFTA Award winners as they are welcomed to the stage from the main auditorium”, said a BAFTA spokesperson.

Oi, Mirren!

For more information go to the BAFTA website.

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