This Is It DVD Review: Is This It?

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this is it300THIS IS IT (PG): Released on DVD & Blu-Ray Monday 22nd February

Although this definitely won’t be the best film available on home release this year (if it can even be described as a film that is) – it will almost certainly be one of the most popular.

Why? Because Michael Jackson has nearly as many fans around the world as Jesus Christ, another man who died well before his time.

For the thousands of his followers who would have been watching the great man return to the stage last summer, this behind-the-scenes documentary which maps out his preparations for the mammoth run of concerts is all they have left – but it is a nice parting gift.

This Is It provides an interesting window to the vast roadshow that was intended for them. Jackson is shown to be ever the perfectionist in his preparation and watching him move across a stage so fluidly makes his medical frailty all the more strange.

However as a film it is a complete non-event. Those who have nothing more than a passing interest in the iconic performer will have little interest in this pop-doc, it includes no interviews and no explainations, it is simply the footage that was intended for nothing other than Jackson’s personal archives.

Indeed the two hour DVD of rehearsal highlights would be utterly unremarkable if it was made about anyone else within any other context, yet for fans it will proove essential viewing.

The are some good extras which include interviews with dancers, backing vocalists and the extraordinary musicians that made up Jacko’s band, including a drummer named Sugarfoot and an Australian girl who matched Michael’s demand for a “hot guitarist”.

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