Has Captain America Finally Been Cast?

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captainamerica210x300This morning rumours are being bandied around about the potential casting of Marvel comic hero Captain America.

The most likely choice in the running for the role was Star Trek’s Chris Pine but unfortunately it’s still uncast.

Or is it? The new name that’s entered the arena is One Tree Hill star Robert Buckley, who is still a relative unknown. Of course this is still speculative but it’s all according to a rumour that was posted on ComicBookMovie.com which has now been removed.

Sometimes the hiring of an unknown can do wonders (Star Trek) and sometimes it just fails (Superman Returns), and really being only known to teenage girls right now, Buckley could be in a good position to steal the role.

But it’s not the casting we’re worried about, The Wolfman’s Joe Johnston is directing and we all know how troubled that production was. The script is in the hands of Narnia writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus so it’ll have a good grip on fantasy at least.

Oh and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Robert Buckley, here’s a picture for your gratuitous viewing pleasure.


Nice right?

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  1. Philip Waters says:

    Red Skull Cast in the first avenger today.. KEVIN BACON set to star as Bad guy as reported on tv at movienews on channel 12 comcast. 2/22/10

  2. Rykz says:

    DC really? Buckley is a good fit!

  3. VibraniumSpork says:

    This guy looks okay I guess. Never heard of him; can anyone attest to him being able to pull off a ‘Leader Of Men’ role?

    And this article is a bit unfair on Johnston – he joined The Wolfman 3 weeks before the shoot and a new script was whipped up in this time. For Cap, Johnston’s been on board the whole way. I’m using The Rocketeer more as a guideline. And that was awesome.

  4. Griffin says:

    Nothing against Robert Buckley but I just don’t see it, just like Tatum and Ryan McPartlin… they scream pretty boys with awsome builds who haven’t yet sharpened their acting skills.

    I’m actually scared their going to screw this up… I wasn’t wowwed by the Wolfman.

    I’m really hoping for Paul Walker – looks, build, not over exposed, respectable (Men’s Health, GQ), long history with Disney, been in some cool action flicks, and more talent then the others mentioned.