Yippee Ki Yay…Die Hard 5?

February 23, 2010 by  
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Bruceybonus300Bruce Willis has stated that he might work on Die Hard 5 as his next project.

While he was busy promoting Kevin Smith’s new film Cop Out, Willis mentioned to MTV, “I think we’re going to do a Die Hard 5 next year,”.

Next year? Really? There was a massive gap between the third and fourth films so it’ll be a surprise if John McClane’s vest will get an airing so quickly. Saying that, Hollywood is nothing if not quick to cash in on a good thing and Die Hard 4 was fairly successful if gleefully stupid.

Willis followed up by stating that Die Hard 4 director Len Wiseman would be his choice to helm the project and offered his idea on where the franchise should go next

“Well it’s got to go worldwide. That would be my contribution to the next movie.” Is Willis past it? Should John McClane stay in retirement? Or would another Die Hard be a welcome return for one of cinema’s action greats?

Even more importantly, how are these guys going to write another verse for the Die Hard song?!

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