New Images From Twilight: Eclipse

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twilightposter300x210It’s getting closer and closer to the release date of the third instalment of the Twilight series and as we wait patiently for Eclipse, we’ve got some new pictures to share with you.

They’re not giving away too much detail but still I’m sure more than a few Twi-hards will be using them to make some fanart tonight.

Let’s begin with Bella, Jacob and Edward hanging out next to what looks like Bella’s house.

Two things concern us in this picture; firstly, there’s the obvious wig they’ve put on Kristen Stewart to cover up her Runaways haircut. Secondly, the length and width of the R-Patz’s sideburns – is he auditioning for an Elvis movie?

It almost looks like a still from a Twilight spoof. Also, Jacob’s muscles look a little smaller than the last time we saw him and we’re not happy about it.

Summit Eclipse Stills 2

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Cemetery Junction Trailer

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From the pens of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, comes Cemetery Junction and this time they’ve paired up to direct the movie as well.

In 1970′s Reading, Freddie, Bruce and Snork are trying to grow up. But Cemetery Junction’s a dead-end town and they’re beginning to feel trapped. Freddie thinks working at an insurance firm will solve his problems, Bruce is satisfied with drinking, shagging and fighting his way through life while Snork just wants a girlfriend.

Things look up, for Freddie at least, when he runs into childhood friend Julie. Can she help him make a fresh start or will she stay with her boyfriend who just happens to be Freddie’s boss?

You can see Cemetery Junction in cinemas from 14th April. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think, drop a comment down below.

Stephen Dorff Joins War Of The Gods

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stephendorff300x210Not everyone looks good with a pasty complexion and some canine dental issues, but it’s all good when you’re playing a vampire.

You might think R-Patz has the market cornered but before he came along with his sparkly skin and whatnot, our favourite sexy vamp was Stephen Dorff’s Deacon Frost in Blade.

After that, we thought we’d see Dorff taking on the big roles for years to come, but somehow he got lost in a cinematic wilderness and ended up making a string of duds. But now, according to Variety, he’s signed on for Tarsem Singh’s War of The Gods and Hollywood might remember who he is.

Dorff will be playing master thief Stavros that will help Theseus defeat the ancient Titans from taking over power from the Greek Gods.

He’ll be joining Twilight star Kellan Lutz in the Greek war epic. Slumdog Millionaire beauty Freida Pinto and Iron Man 2′s Mickey Rourke will also star.

[Rec] 2 Teaser Trailer

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You might have just had your breakfast but we thought we’d show you the brand new teaser trailer for [Rec] 2, the sequel to Spanish horror [Rec].

The original movie was remade into Quarantine in 2008 and featured a bunch of people sealed into an apartment with a demonic/zombie-esque virus. If you haven’t seen either version, we highly recommend going with the Spanish version – yes we know there are subtitles but you can suck it up for one movie, can’t you?

[Rec] 2 picks up the story right where the original ended. A SWAT team arrive at the apartment to clean up the mess and to get a blood sample from one of the victims in order to figure out what happened. Cue violence and mayhem and a SWAT team that wished they’d called in sick that day.

There’s a whole lot of bloodshed and shaky-cam work and it looks to be as terrifying as the first movie. If you’re weak of stomach or just a wuss, you might want to watch this new teaser trailer through your fingers.

Lady GaGa For New Bond Theme?

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lady-gaga210The Sun has indicated that they believe that Lady GaGa will be approached to sing the new Bond theme.

“Bond bosses are all huge GaGa fans,” said a source, “Her sound and sense of drama make her the top choice.”

The source later added, “GaGa has the look as well as the voice to tackle a thundering ballad. She’s a great songwriter too. This is perfect on every level.”

An unnamed source eh? Well, with compelling evidence that strong, hold the front page.

Amy Winehouse was previously in the frame to sing the theme for Quantum Of Solace but according to ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil, was too high to actually record the track. The theme tune was later sung by Jack White and Alicia Keyes and turned out to be rubbish (go on, hum it, bet you can’t). So GaGa? We’ll believe it when we see it.

Baywatch Movie Bounces Nearer

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hoff210Break out the slow-mo cam because there’s some news on the big screen adaptation of everyone’s favourite red swimsuit-clad, beach-bound lifeguards, Baywatch.

Paramount have commissioned two new writers in Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka which lends more fuel to speculation that the film could be a comedy as they’ve already got a comedy film in the works with Fox entitled The Sitter which will star Jonah Hill.

The Hollywood Reporter have stated that insiders (read: people they may or may not have made up) have revealed that Baywatch will be focused more on the ladies of the show than its muscle-bound counterparts – more Charlie’s Angels than Starsky and Hutch. What no Hoff? Surely he’s got to be in there somewhere…

Paramount are looking to get this in cinemas next year, so they better get their Speedos on.

Anna Faris Signs Up For Private Benjamin Remake

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annafaris210sx300The House Bunny and Scary Movie star Anna Faris has signed up for Private Benjamin, a remake of the Goldie Hawn classic comedy.

Risky Business Blog reports that Faris will take on the title role in a modern re-telling of the original. The movie follows a high society woman who joins the army after her husband dies on their wedding night during sex.

The character was never a dumb blonde, something Faris is used to playing, but more of a fish-out-of-water, having no idea what army life would be like.

Private Benjamin will be the second Goldie Hawn movie remake announced this month after we previously reported that Jennifer Lopez will appear in an Overboard revamp.

New Line is behind the movie and is apparently keen to dig into the goldmine that is 80s cinema for remakes; they’re also going to be giving new life to Vacation and Police Academy.

Does Anna have the chops to carry this off though? Underneath the madcap comedy routines she’s used, to there’s actually a good actress but she’ll have a way to go before she can top Goldie. Private Benjamin may have earned itself three Oscar nominations but we don’t have high hopes for the remake.

Independence Day 2 Rumours Resurface

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Independence-Day_210Hasn’t Roland Emmerich finished blowing up famous landmarks yet? Recent disaster movie 2012 featured a veritable picture postcard list of tourist destination destruction and now the rumour mill has started its infernal churning again with whispers of Independence Day 2.

It’s been 14 years since the first film, which saw Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum fought off alien invaders with an Apple Mac, so what could be in store for the sequel?

Occasional rumours pop up now and then, not least of all from director Roland Emmerich but apparently Fox, their wallets now bulging with cash from the success of Avatar are actually giving two sequels some serious thought.

It’s still hanging because Emmerich and scriptwriter Dean Devlin haven’t made up their minds if they want to proceed with the stories they’ve cooked up. And as Will Smith is rumoured to be attached, money is always going to be a consideration.

Even if Will Smith could be lined up, where’s he going to find time to star in the movie? He’s already sizing up his options in Men In Black 3 and The City That Sailed. Emmerich already has a new project in the works in Shakespeare thriller Anonymous, so if this does get the green light, it’ll most likely be 2011 at the earliest.

Claudia Winkleman Wants Kermode For Film 2010

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New Film 2010 host, Claudia Winkleman has said that she would welcome a guest appearance from Mark Kermode.

Kermode was widely tipped to replace Jonathan Ross as the host of the movie show despite repeatedly denying it on Twitter and stating on Radio 5 that he didn’t have the “mainstream sensibilities” to be the front for the show. It’s a shame because here at OTB, we can’t think of anyone better.

Speaking to The Times, Winkleman said, “I think [Mark] didn’t want it because he said himself they’d go for someone more mainstream.

“It’s not just going to be me on there. There will be other, brilliant – not that I’m not brilliant – film critics, all kinds of fantastic people, really clever film people. Different, exciting guests. I’d love him to be there.”

We’re still unsure about Winkleman’s posting – she’s definitely not who we’d pick for the role but time will tell what the new film 2010 will bring.

The Expendables Gets A Prequel Comic Miniseries

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expendables300x210Chuck Dixon is set to pen a miniseries comic to accompany Sylvester Stallone’s action flick The Expendables.

There will be four issues in the series and will follow the same characters that appear in the movie. Dixon’s previous work includes Batman, Conan and The Green Arrow characters so he’s well versed in tough guys and heroics.

Dixon told Newsarama, “The Expendables is a collection of professional soldiers who share a history of dangerous military adventures. In the great tradition of these kinds of the stories, each of the guys has a specialty. Martial arts, handguns, explosives etc… This limited series is a prequel that shows them on an earlier adventure.”

What can we expect to see in the miniseries? “Lots of violence committed by guys who, while not morally ambivalent, they are certainly morally expedient. The restraints are off a bit more here. The action more bloody. The settings more realistic.”

When asked what his favourite image is from the comics, Dixon replied, “Mickey Rourke, by himself, fighting a small army of thugs sent to kill him by a Mexican drug cartel.”

Screw the comic, I want to see that on the big screen!

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