Russell Brand To Star In Arthur Remake

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russellbrand210x300 Wild haired comic and sexual tyrannosaurus, Russell Brand, is set to star in a remake of the classic comedy Arthur.

The original 1981 movie saw Dudley Moore play drunken millionaire Arthur, who is forced to choose between the love of Liza Minelli and millions of dollars. We know what we would have chosen.

According to Variety, the film will be helmed by Modern Family director Jason Winer and exec. producers will be Brand, Scott Kroopf, J.C. Spink and Nick Linnen.

But it’s the writer that looks like the most interesting part of the lineup so far. Peter Baynham, writer of Borat and Brass Eye, is penning the script, so there’s a good chance that it’s going to be absolutely filthy.

Brand became known as a scene stealer after a genius comic turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which has earned him his own spinoff, Get Him To The Greek. We’re not sure how closely the character of Arthur will be to Moore’s portrayal but if Russell Brand’s playing an alcoholic millionaire, we’re betting there’ll be more than a few giggles in store.

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  1. Lucia says:

    You had my attention at ” sexual tyrannosaurus, Russell Brand”… not sure we know enough of dinosaur mating habits to compare someone to them… but five stars for interesting descriptions.

    Anyway, on to the film itself. It has potential to be something amazing, almost a seperate entity from the original film. Russell Brand is typically very talented at picking parts that can be molded around his own personality and past experiences and then exaggerated upon.

    Hopefully there will plenty of freestyling, as we’ve seen in forgetting Sarah Marshall, that’s when all the best lines seem to happen.

    Definately a film to look forward to.