Green Lantern And Sucker Punch Latest To Go 3D

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greenlantern210x300Apparently, the decision to convert Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has really lit a spark over at Warners.

A sequel to talking animal movie Cats And Dogs has been given the go ahead to get in on the 3D action as has Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch. But we were more excited to hear that The Green Lantern would also be getting an extra dimension.

Ryan Reynolds in 3D. Mmmmmm.

Anyway, team Lantern are right on the cusp of filming now so it’s a toss up between pushing the date back and shooting entirely in 3D or switching to it later and converting existing 2D footage.

Sucker Punch and Cats And Dogs 2 have already been shot so it’s just a matter of shelling out the cash for conversion but only time will tell if it was worth it. Plus, it looks as though Snyder’s other big project The Legend Of the Guardians will also get the 3D treatment.

But which film will have the best 3D owls, Potter or Guardians?

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  1. Bookie says:

    Ha! You dare ask that question? Have you seen the beautiful snow scene in the Legend of the Guardians (of Ga’Hoole) trailer?

    Realism-wise, Harry Potter might have a more realistic Hedgwig, but that’s cause they only have one owl to take care of (literally ti take care of, ahem, with a falsh of green light). Legend of the Guardians however is a complete world of forests and seas in CGI and with a huge cast of owls that all have to look different. It’s breathtaking!

    Realistic-wise, there’s something about Legend of the Guardians animation that borders on photorealistic owls with just a hint of betraying fantasy – and I love that! This was no doubt intentional on the animator’s part and it deviates from making the film look like National Geographic. 🙂

  2. admin says:

    just watched the trailer – you win.