Clint Eastwood To Direct J Edgar Hoover Biopic

March 11, 2010 by  
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clinteastwood210x300Clint Eastwood has just signed on to direct a biopic of J Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI.

No word on if he’ll make an onscreen appearance yet but we’re not ruling out the possibility that he’ll play Hoover later in his life.

Hoover was instrumental in the destruction of mob life in America when he started the FBI, first targetting John Dillinger’s gang of bank robbers, as seen in Public Enemies.

The script has been penned by Milk writer Dustin Lance Black and given the swriter’s own sexuality, as well as the subject matter of Milk, there’s a good chance that Hoover will come out of the closet. There has always been speculation over whether Hoover was gay or not and now we might get a more honest portrayal of him.

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