New Posters For Kick-Ass

March 11, 2010 by  
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kickass300x210We love a poster at OTB but we have to admit, we’re not loving the new Kick-Ass posters.

Previously released artwork for the superhero movie have been, well, kick-ass, so we’re a little disappointed at the latest images.

The film follows high school loser Dave Lizewski as he tries his hand at being a superhero, not letting the fact that he has no powers stand in his way.

Calling himself Kick-Ass, he soon encounters heroes with a bit more experience and a lot more firepower than he in the shape of Big Daddy and 11 year old daughter Hit Girl.

We previously posted
some behind the scenes interviews with star Aaron Johnson and the writer/director Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman and while we might not love these posters, you just might. Enjoy.

kickass1 400x600

kickass2 400x600

kickass3 400x600

kickass4 400x600

kickass5 400x600

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