Fake Twilight Eclipse Trailers: Funny

March 14, 2010 by  
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spoofWith the first Twilight: Eclipse teaser trailer pulling out on to the information super-highway last week, tweenage girls are getting very squeaky at the thought of a new film to OMG over.

But while Twihards have been negating their SATs revision to camp outside cinemas, the rest of us seem to be rinsing the cult movie franchise on the internet.

We went to the trouble of picking out the finest fake trailers that YouTube had to offer…

Camp lad dons dog costume…

What this boy was thinking when he created one of the most homo-erotic videos on YouTube is anyones guess, but the result is… well, interesting.

“He’s not black! He’s Mexican…”

While our first video maker was prancing around his bedroom in the nip, the creator of this little number was probably doing his Media Studies homework, and it shows.

This trailer is well cut and nails the Twilight saga like a… nail.

Twilight the Musical

Next up is this High School Musical-slash-Twilight spoof, which has brilliant moments but smacks of effort. If there’s one thing we hate it’s…zzzzzz.

Is that?…

Here’s one for all you proper Twilight fans out there. This 47 second clip from some teenagers mobile is currently the only footage available of Twilight: Eclipse. Shall we watch it again?

Oddly dressed man Annoys Twihards…

There are some truly heartless people in this world. This is quite funny though…

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