Captain America Finally Cast

March 23, 2010 by  
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chris evansAfter months and months of speculation, Captain America has finally been cast. Donning the winged cowl, stripey pajamas and vibranium shield will be Chris Evans, our very own bespectacled ginger DJ and former husband of Billie Piper.

Actually no, not that Chris Evans, it’s the one from The Fantastic Four but can you imagine?

He’s definitely signed up for the first movie but there’s no word yet on how many films he’s put his name down for. It could be a long haul though, there’ll be at least two Captain America films and an inevitable Avengers movie as well; signing up to be a superhero is serious business.

This puts an end to laundry list of names that have been put forward including Michael Cassidy, Patrick Flueger, Scott Porter, Wilson Blethel, Mike Vogel, John Krasinski, Chace Crawford, Garrett Hedlund and even Ryan Phillippe testing for the role.

Personally I think it’s a bit strange that they chose to cast Evans as he’s already been a Marvel superhero in Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) who appeared in both Fantastic Four movies. And while comic fans might want to forget that those two movies existed, it’s still burned into our collective memories. At least Ryan Reynolds is a superhero from two different publishers – The Green Lantern (DC) and Deadpool (Marvel).

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