Scream 4 Shooting This Spring

March 23, 2010 by  
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scream210x300You remember the rules. You know the game. You know the players. No it’s not Monopoly the movie, it’s the Scream series, and the game begins again this year when Scream 4 starts shooting in April.

There was some discussion over who would direct the fourth instalment but Wes Craven has confirmed that he’s returning to the series, as is Neve Campbell, David Arquette and wife Courtney Cox.

Cox previously dished
on what could be in store for the characters but other than that there is very little known about the script. Many fans of the franchise are confused at to where the new film will take the characters as all the storylines were so nicely wrapped up in the third movie.

Dimension Films’ big boss man Bob Weinstein released a statement saying, “Scream has been such an integral part of Dimension’s history, and I look forward to continuing the franchise.”

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