Will Smith In The City That Sailed?

March 24, 2010 by  
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Will-Smith210There’s been a bit of a lull in the number of smart-mouthed wise-cracking Hollywood leading men of late and that’s partly because Will Smith’s been behind the camera’s producing instead of up there on the silver screen.

He hasn’t been on film since 2008’s Seven Pounds, but now he’s set to return – but which project is he going to choose?

Currently on his radar is The City That Sailed, penned by Gattaca‘s Andrew Niccol which tells the story of a New York magician whose family splits and whose young daughter moves to London. But when she discovers magic candles that can grant any wish, Manhattan ends up detaching from the mainland and floats to be closer to her.

There’s no director locked in yet but Will Smith’s Overbrook production company is working on it and Fox are looking to start shooting as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Sony is still trying to get Men In Black 3 off the ground (surely something which would be dead in the water without Smith’s involvement) and are looking to start shooting for a release next year or 2012.

So, something new for Will Smith or a return to the old Ray-Bans of yore? Frankly, I’m happy with anything that keeps him from pushing Jaden Smith into more desecrations of my childhood. I’m still holding out for a Fresh Prince movie.

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