Diablo Cody’s New Film ‘Pretty Serious And F*cked Up’

March 25, 2010 by  
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diablocody300x210Diablo Cody made her name with the hit teen dramedy Juno and after the bump in the road known as Jennifer’s Body, she pulled herself together and now she’s got several scripts on the go.

The latest addition to the slew of scripts she’s working on is called Young Adult which Diablo described to Vulture as “…A movie about a woman who’s stalking her high-school sweetheart. It has elements of humor, but it’s pretty serious and f*cked up.”

THR gave this synopsis of the movie. ‘A thirtysomething, divorced, young-adult fiction writer in Minneapolis who returns to her hometown to chase the ex-boyfriend, who’s now married with a kid, that got away.’

On her thoughts on women in movies Diablo said, “You don’t get to see women be antiheroes that often, where it’s like somebody like Mickey Rourke, who gets a comeback in The Wrestler.

It’s rarer that you’ll have a studio say, “Let’s have an actress come back and be ugly!”

Aside from having Young Adult on her slate, Diablo’s also adapting the Sweet Valley High book series and will be producing Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament.

She’s also still working on her hit US show United States of Tara starring Toni Collette which has just started its second season.

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