OTB’s Top Ten Movie Mentors

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MOVIEMENTORS2588X3708888We’ve seen our fair share of inspirational teachers in the movie world and with their weapon of the choice (the montage) they’ve were turning hapless fools into world-beaters before Yoda passed his X-Wing driving test.

Sandra Bullock may have sounded alarmingly like Sarah Palin in The Blind Side, but she does manage to coax the best out of a talented but shy American football star.

She doesn’t into our top ten though…

10. Timon and Pumba

A meerkat and a warthog might not seem like good companions to have in any situation. However, these Lion King favourites are always on hand with the answer, however long and elaborately it takes them to get there. Most notable is their skill and experience in helping Simba defeat Scar via the medium of music. And all with a ridiculous smile on their face!

9. Morpheus

Revealing the wool that is pulled over all our eyes, Morpheus is here to show us, and Neo, the ‘truth’. Who wants to be a slave? Listen to this number 9 mentor and take the red pill.

8. Mickey

‘You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!’ One liners such as these gives Rocky’s trainer a deserving place in the top ten. Not only does he train Rocky through a gruelling 3 films until his death, but he also appears later as a lingering force of strength.

7. Albus Dumbledore

He’s the headmaster of the coolest school around and a long time literary mentor and father figure to the most well-known wizard of all time. A deserved 7th place for this sadly deceased knowledgeable man.

6. God

God’s quite a powerful chap. He’s been known to be responsible for floods, clouds of locusts and that creation of the universe thing. Here – his work is behind the intricately considered thoughts and philosophy of intelligent and frightfully successful serial killer ‘John Doe’.

5. Chubbs

He has a wooden hand and he’s funny as sin. Not only that, he guides Gilmore from a wild, angry hockey player to the dizzying heights of golf success. And this is all with one hand! A top 5 position: well done, sir.

4. Sean Maguire

The thinking man’s mentor, Sean is neither cool nor a hard man. Managing to tame wild genius Matt Damon is no mean feat, however, using all his calm wisdom throughout Good Will Hunting

3. Tyler Durden

Existential philosopher, anarchist, anti-consumerist and coolest person this side of James Dean – Tyler Durden is a worthy holder of the third spot. We’d do anything he told us to.

2. Mr Miyagi

This odd little Grandpa packs a punch, and has a hell of a lot of lingering philosophies. Not only is he wise, but he’s a noble Karate master. Wax on, wax off.

1. Yoda

‘Do, or do not; there is no try. ’ The immortal words of this pint-sized Master have been replicated time and time again by American president and parent alike. He’s green, he owns the Force and he’s also a nifty little bugger when it comes to rolling his sleeve up and having a fight. For these reasons, Yoda gets our top spot. May the Force be with you.

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