Return Of The Focker

March 26, 2010 by  
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meet_the_fockers_f 300So. A new Austin Powers movie, and now – just when you thought it was safe to stop cringing at the hapless Ben Stiller, Gaylord Focker is back for another outing.
Yes, Little Fockers can be expected some time next year as it arrives in U.S cinemas on December 22nd.

Kevin Rawley, Owen Wilson’s character, is reported to feature heavily as he returns to try and gazump Gregg. “It’s Owen Wilson coming back with a new passion for Ben [Stiller’s] wife Teri Polo,” Director Jay Roach said of the film’s story.

Wilson appeared as Kevin Rawley in 2000’s Meet the Parents and its sequel Meet the Fockers. Roach added: “And of course it’s hidden and it’s all under the surface, but it causes a lot of new wrinkles in the relationship between all of them.”

Meet the Fockers was a good sequel to the excellent Meet The Parents. Let’s hope this new one doesn’t end up in the ever growing graveyard of failed third films.

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