Independence Day 2 Rumours Resurface

March 30, 2010 by  
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Independence-Day_210Hasn’t Roland Emmerich finished blowing up famous landmarks yet? Recent disaster movie 2012 featured a veritable picture postcard list of tourist destination destruction and now the rumour mill has started its infernal churning again with whispers of Independence Day 2.

It’s been 14 years since the first film, which saw Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum fought off alien invaders with an Apple Mac, so what could be in store for the sequel?

Occasional rumours pop up now and then, not least of all from director Roland Emmerich but apparently Fox, their wallets now bulging with cash from the success of Avatar are actually giving two sequels some serious thought.

It’s still hanging because Emmerich and scriptwriter Dean Devlin haven’t made up their minds if they want to proceed with the stories they’ve cooked up. And as Will Smith is rumoured to be attached, money is always going to be a consideration.

Even if Will Smith could be lined up, where’s he going to find time to star in the movie? He’s already sizing up his options in Men In Black 3 and The City That Sailed. Emmerich already has a new project in the works in Shakespeare thriller Anonymous, so if this does get the green light, it’ll most likely be 2011 at the earliest.

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