Henry Selick Back With Disney

April 1, 2010 by  
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Henry selick210Stop-motion genius Henry Selick has signed a deal which will see him back at Disney according to Variety. He got his first start at Disney in the 1970s sharing offices with such luminaries as John Lassetter and Brad Bird and it was there that he got his first crack at directing in The Nightmare Before Christmas which remains a cult classic.

But after the relative failure of James And The Giant Peach, Disney decided that stop motion wasn’t the way to go and shut down the department.

He quoted Dick Cook (the Chairman of Disney at the time) who said “We don’t believe this is a viable medium anymore, and we’re not going to do it” but went on to say “A few years later they shut down 2D. It’s great that both of those things are back.”

We couldn’t agree more. Lassetter has pulled Selick back under the Mouse’s arm after promising creative freedom and that he’ll be able to get the feedback of Pixar’s “brain trust” which includes the likes of Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter but that’s he’ll still be able to animate in stop-motion.

That’s great news for animation fans – anything that allows Selick to do what he does best gets our vote. And after the success of Coraline, it’s clear that Seick has still got some ideas up his sleeve.

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