Disney And Robert Zemeckis Team Up For Dark Life

April 6, 2010 by  
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robert_zemeckis210Disney and Robert Zemeckis are have jumped on board for Dark Life, a new family franchise set in a future where rising sea levels forces many families to relocate to the bottom of the sea. Oh and while they’re there, their kids develop supernatural powers.

In a shocking twist, a surface girl and underwater boy must team up to fight a goverment conspiracy and…I’m sure you can fill the rest in yourself.

It’s incredble that the book’s been optioned before it’s even been published. The word is that the author has planned some follow ups but you can bet your left kidney that if the first one’s successful, then there’ll be more to come.

But the big question is whether Zemeckis will opt for his favoured motion-capture technique that he believes is the future or if he’ll cave in and direct a live-action film again. We at OTB are hoping for the latter – we’re still scarred by the “dead-eye” effect that The Polar Express had on us.

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