Look Who’s Talking To Get Reboot

April 6, 2010 by  
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LWT210There’s a special circle in hell for people that make crappy remakes of movies. But there’s probably an gilt-edged torture rack for those that make crappy remakes of crappy movies.

Pajiba reports that Look Who’s Talking is the latest franchise the thumbs up for a reboot and Neal Mortiz (I Am Legend, Stealth, Made Of Honor) is going to be the producer in charge.

If you can’t remember the orginal, it’s the movie that spawned all those other “we can hear what you’re thinking” films and featured John Travolta and Kirstie Alley struggling to bring up a baby who’s innermost thoughts were voiced by Bruce Willis. It was followed by two sequels which shockingly were worse than the original.

No doubt the reboot will be more of the same, and will have a whole new celebrity voice cast so that a whole new generation can be “entertained”.

There’s no writer and no director lined up yet but I bet they’re scrambling over each other to get a crack at this one.

And yes, that sound you just heard was creativity’s death rattle.

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