Arrested Development Movie Cancelled

April 9, 2010 by  
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Six months ago, we did a little backflip of delight as it was announced that wry US comedy Arrested Development was going to be made into a movie and that creator Michael Hurewitz was going to be writing and directing. But now one of the stars of the show David Cross has said that he doesn’t think it’s happening after all.

Cross played Tobias F√ľnke on the series and the movie wouldn’t make any sense without his unitentional double entendres, so it seems that dreams of an AD movie are over. Speaking to TV Squad, Cross said:

“”It’s not going to happen. It’s been way too long, there’s so many people involved, everyone’s doing their own thing, and everybody’s aged. I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say we’d love for it to happen, we’d love to work on it, but it would feel strange and foreign to see these characters on a movie theater screen, I think. It would feel odd on anything over 42 inches.”

Bugger. Ah well, better crack open that series 3 boxset again then.

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