Sam Worthington: “Russell Crowe Has Been Helpful”

April 9, 2010 by  
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Sam Worthington300Blockbuster man of the moment Sam Worthington has described himself as “lucky” for being able to seek advice from some of the world’s most established actors.

He told the people: “I am lucky because I can ask the top people in my field for advice.

“Russell Crowe has been really helpful. He has reminded me to slow down, relax and to try to loosen up a bit.”

Well, we must say that that advice certainly paid off. The only thing three-dimensional about his performance in Clash Of The Titans was the bad CGI re-editing.

He also spoke about his experience presenting an Oscar whilst chewing gum, something which received a lot of antipodean media attention,

“The Australian press just roasted me for it. I was so blown away, I could have been eating a ham sandwich and wouldn’t have realized it,” he said. “I was standing next to [Jennifer Lopez]! I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and scream, ‘Wooo!'”

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