Will Bond Get Dizzie In Next Movie?

April 12, 2010 by  
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dizzierascal300x210If you think James Bond could do with a grimier, more urban look then you might just be in luck. The rapper Dizzee Rascal has been shown to be a possible candidate for the role in the future.

A survey recently carried out has revealed the Fix Up Look Sharp man as the most popular choice for the first black Bond. Rascal, who also deliberated about being Prime Minister with Jeremy Paxman, told the News of the World, “Yeah that’s big, that’s big. Why not man? I can rock a tuxedo.”

Musing over the possible cast for the imagined film – Dizzee suggested Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria as Bond girls. Brad Pitt, he said, will help him get the role, as the movie star said he liked Bonkers.

“That’s an honour,” Dizzee said. “I actually saw him a few weeks ago at Claudia Schiffer’s house – you know, yeah, yeah – so I might get that James Bond role after all, pull a few strings and that.”

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