Leona And Hudson Duet For SATC 2?

April 12, 2010 by  
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leonalewis300x210If you were excited by the new trailer for Sex And The City 2 then you might be equally excited (but we’re not promising anything) to find out that Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson might be singing together for the movie.

Hudson had starred in the first movie as Carrie’s assistant Louise and many were hoping that she might return but alas, she’s just on the soundtrack. Leona ‘No Personality’ Lewis has been involved in movie soundtracks before – she was the one ruining the credits to Avatar by singing over them.

A source told The Sun that, “The pair have recorded the song and it’s being discussed as either the main theme or to feature on the soundtrack.”

Um, isn’t the theme Alicia Keys Empire State Of Mind? You know, the song that features prominently in the trailer and is clearly a perfect fit for the movie?

“They each have incredible voices and will appeal to both the UK and the US. It’s perfect for the next SATC film.”

We’ll wait until we hear the song to really judge it but we’re perfectly happy to continue rocking out to Miss Keys.

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