Bookies Take Bets On Next Bond

April 20, 2010 by  
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Daniel210Bookmaker William Hill has started to take bets on who will be the next James Bond in wake of the announcement that Bond 23 will be postponed indefinitely following MGM’s financial troubles.

The decision has sparked speculation that it may cause Daniel Craig to leave the role given that something similar happened between 1989’s License To Kill and 1995’s Golden Eye which saw Timothy Dalton leave to be replaced by Pierce Brosnan.

But it seems that William Hill obviously know nothing about movies (or maybe they’re counting on the fallibility of Hollywood producers) as human plank Sam Worthington (he of Avatar, Terminator 4 and Clash Of The Titans) fame is currently listed as the 5/2 favourite to land the part.

Will Smith and Christian Bale are close behind with 7/1 odds, with Ewan McGregor (25/1), Jude Law, Robert Pattinson (both 33/1) and Tom Cruise (50/1) bringing up the rear.

Is it too late to have Clive Owen again please?

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