Warner Brothers Sets Sail For Treasure Island

April 20, 2010 by  
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Curry210It seems that UK based Ecosse films are taking some broadside cannon fire from Warners. We reported in February that a new swashbuckling take on Treasure Island was in the works but now it seems that Warners have decided to splice the mainbrace as they’ve boarded the same ship.

The team behind the recently rebooted Sherlock Holmes are aiming to beat the company with their own take on Long John Silver and crew.

Pajiba reports that producer Lionel Wigram (also competing with hack director Paul WS Anderson for a take on The Three Musketeers) has teamed up with Warners to get their own version of Treasure Island out before Ecosse.

It’s one-nil to Warners so far though as they already have a script penned by Michael Gillo. There’s no further details about the plot but news has it that Paul Greengrass was first choice to direct (now surely not in contention with Fantastic Voyage underway), so it’s likely that an action-packed shaky cam fest is what they have in mind.

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