Brand’s Acting Worries

April 23, 2010 by  
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russell 300Russell Brand has gone into great detail about some of the pitfalls of filming. Thought it was easy being an actor? Think again. Indeed, not only does the star find it hard filming sex scenes, but he’s revealed the dangers of being set on fire.

“I got set on fire once. There’s a bit in the movie where I do a concert, and there’s a wall of sparks raining down from the heavens. And it caught me on fire. I stood in the wrong place; I caught on fire a little. That was a bad bit.”

The comedian, who has enjoyed much Hollywood success since succeeding at stand-up, reprised his Forgetting Sarah Marshall role as Aldous Snow in Get Him To Greek. Speaking also about simulated love-making, he said “Sex scenes are actually sort of stressful. Not like actual sex – not as I know it. The threesome scene was really awkward and difficult”

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