Clive Owen Signs Up For Killer Elite

April 26, 2010 by  
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clive210It wasn’t really a surprise when we heard that Jason Statham had signed up to be in SAS vs. assassin thriller The Killer Elite, but now Clive Owen has signed up too.

It’ll be Irish director Gary McKendry’s first film and will be based on Ranulph Fiennes novel The Feather Men, which has SAS soldiers targetted by a shadowy organisation known as The Clinic.

It seems like a pretty convoluted plot. A former Shah of Oman has hired The Clinic to kill a load of SAS soliders who he blames for the death of his son. The Clinic face opposition from The Feahter Men, a group of vigilantes who protect SAS families. So, vigilantes against asassins against SAS. Phew.

Clive Owen will play the leader of the good guys (naturally) and he’ll be up against Statham’s ex-Navy Seal character (with a voice like that, it was only ever going to be that way). Let’s just hope Statham gets to keep his accent and doesn’t attempt another woeful American one.

Shooting begins next year.

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