Final Destination 5 Gets A Writer

April 26, 2010 by  
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final210New Line Cinema has snapped up Eric Heisserer to write the, er, final instalment of the franchise.

Heisserer is fast becoming the man to come to solve knotty production problems, having recently managed to get remake of Nightmare On Elm Street and the prequel to The Thing underway despite periods of development hell.

Heat Vision Blog reports that Final Destination 5 could also do with a swift boot up the behind as the last film ran into serious production problems and you know, wasn’t very good. But the alimighty dollar is king and critically panned though it was FD4 made some money, so FD5 is getting the go ahead.

We can’t really see Heisserer departing from the time-worn formula of the franchise – grab a bunch of young, good looking pretty people, have them escape a disaster only for them to be hunted down by death and die in a manner of creative ways – as that’s kinda the point of the series.

There’s no word on what those creative ways might be yet but laser eye surgery was mentioned last we heard. Should have gone to Specsavers…

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