Clash Of The Titans Director Not Helming Sequel

April 28, 2010 by  
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clashofthetitans300x210We all know by now that the Clash of The Titans was not the cinematic joy that it should have been but it made a heck of a lot money so, of course, the sequel is already being planned.

Deadline Hollywood are reporting that pretty much every character who survived at the end of the movie should be returning for the project including captain stoic, Sam Worthington.

But guess who’s not coming back – the director. Though we’re assured that the decision to not have Louis Letterier return is an amicable one, we’re pretty sure a big ‘Ha ha, in your face’ type of celebration could be heard around Hollywood when the news broke.

Unfortunately, we’re not fully rid of Letterier as he’s staying on as an executive producer. We’re kind of hoping his responsibilities will be limited to sitting in a corner shoving playdough up his nose.

If Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures want to keep this project moving forward then they’re going to have to get their act together quickly before Worthington has to jet off back to Pandora for Avatar 2.

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