Anchorman 2 On The Way!

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anchorman300Good news San Diego! Will Ferrell et al have signed up to make a sequel to the 2004 comedy hit Anchorman and it will start filming early next year.

Writer and director of the original Adam McKay has revealed that Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell have signed up for a second movie.

“Graciously, Steve and Paul and everyone agreed to cut their price to come and do the sequel, which you don’t see very often in Hollywood – and cut their price substantially,” McKay told MTV. “But even with that, it’s just a budgetary thing with Paramount in terms of how much they’ll give us to make it.

“We had an idea and we contacted Steve and Paul and David Koechner and Christina Applegate and checked in with everyone and they were all game for it. The stage we’re at now is talking to Paramount and trying to get the money to do it.”

The film is expected to start shooting in early 2011 and apparently a rough storyline has already been drafted.

“The ’80s angle is more the frame of it,” explained McKay. “We have this other, bigger, crazier idea that’s really more what it’s about, which I can’t say. Our thinking was there’s just no way the second one is going to be as good as the first, because the first one is the first one.

“So our idea is if we’re going to do a second one, we better go for it and try some insane stuff and we’ll be enjoying it and that way it can’t be half bad.”

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