Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?: OTB’s Rich List

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rich300With billionaire industrialist Tony Stark strapping on his rocket boots for another outing as Iron Man this Friday, we thought it high time that we presented our list of the world’s wealthiest fictional characters.

From electronics to shipping, steel to chocolate manufacturing, these captains of industry are head and shoulders above mere millionaire paupers. Put down your begging bowl because now it’s time to play with the high rollers.

10. Willy Wonka (Confectionery)

Owner of the world famous Wonka Chocolate Factory, whose products include Everlasting Gobstoppers, Lickable Wallpaper and Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum. Revolutionised the confectionary industry.

Wonka’s fortunes took a dip recently as a high-profile court case attested that he used illegal immigrants to work in his factory and potentially dangerous and unsafe ingredients in some of his products.

9. Gordon Gekko (Investments, Acquisitions)

Gekko made a fortune as a corporate raider – buying and restructuring failing companies and then reselling them at a profit. Representative of a whole culture of “Greed is Good” prevalent during the 80s, his unscrupulous tactics and insider trading eventually landed him in trouble with the authorities garnering a 23 year prison sentence.

Apparently a reformed character, Gekko is now said to be concentrating on rebuilding bridges with his daughter Winnie as he’s up for release in a few months.

8. Carter Pewterschmidt (Steel)

Pewterschmidt is the owner of US Steel and longtime friends with Disney CEO Michael Eisner, Microsoft boss Bill Gates and television magnate Ted Turner. Used to have a prizewinning racehorse call Seabreeze. Personal life currently in disarray; well known hatred for incompetent son-in-law Peter Griffin.

7. Richie Rich (Inheritance)

The so called Richest Kid In The World possesses two of everything money can buy. The son of fantastically wealthy parents, their enormous wealth’s source is still unspecified. What is known is that the inventions of family scientist Professor Keenbeam have constantly enabled the Richs to easily live up to their name.

But what it can’t buy is dress sense, Rich having worn the same bow tie since 1953.

6. C. Montgomery Burns (Energy)

Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, the 104 year old tycoon is known to do anything to increase his profit margins. He attempted to block out the sun in Springfield to increase its electrical usage but subsequent hospitalisation after a near fatal shooting by a small spiky haired baby ended that plan.

Once drilled under Springfield Elementary school in order to extract oil and ran unsuccessfully for governor of Springfield. Known love of teddy bear Bobo.

5. Scrooge McDuck (Mining)

The penny-pinching duck who initially made his money from mining saw a massive surge in his wealth due to a record high in the price of gold. Recent adventures with his three nephews have curtailed his wealth and his inept personal pilot has been a constant drain on his resources.

4. Carlisle Cullen (Investments)

350 year old vampire, doctor and head of the Cullen Family, Cullen was initially gifted a large sum of money by Italian friends. Shrewd investments in Steel and gold combined with three and a half centuries of compound interest have left him a wealthy man.

Largest business deal to date appears to be with family biographer Stephanie Meyer, a four book series which was top of the New York Best Seller List.

3. Bruce Wayne (Shipping, Steel, Electronics, Aerospace)

Owner of Wayne Enterprises whose assets include Shipping, Steel, Chemicals, Electronics and Aerospace. Wayne Enterprises is run more publically by CEO Lucius Fox. After a 12 year absence of leave during which he was believed dead, Wayne’s return to Gotham city sparked a massive downturn in organised crime figures sparking rumours that he is the sponsor of the vigilante known as Batman.

The hard-drinking playboy is often seen at parties flaunting his wealth and is known to purchase entire hotels at a whim. Recent investments in rubber have provoked gossip column rumours of S&M fetishism.

2. Adrian Veidt (Marketing, Electronics)

Veidt inherited a substantial fortune at the age of 17. After giving it away, he reinvented himself as the costumed crime-fighter Ozymandias, the smartest man in the world. When The Watchmen crime fighting unit disbanded he founded Veidt Enterprises and carved a substantial fortune for himself marketing his own image as well as a design for electric hydrants which promise to revolutionise transportation.

A line of action toys was the Furby of last year, substantially boosting his profile. Known to have diverse interests including genetics, gymnastics and recently launched his own cologne, Nostalgia.

1. Tony Stark (Defense)

Supplying the US with its entire stockpile of weaponry, Stark is one of the most powerful and influential men in modern times. Despite some initial doubt about his financial stability when Stark announced a cessation of arms manufacture in 2008, his recent announcement that he is the armoured superhero know as Iron Man and a claim that he has successfully “privatised world peace” have increased his net worth ten fold.

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