3D Fish Horror

May 4, 2010 by  
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piranha 300The moment you think you’ve been ridden of the shark terror that was Jaws, another new and more real danger hits our waters. Welcome to Piranha 3-D, positive to ensure you hang up your bikinis and trunks for life.

50,000 fun seekers gather for a lakeside pop festival at Lake Victoria, only to be met with a mass of killer fish. This isn’t one evil swimming animal…there’s thousands of them. And if you thought that was unrealistic, get ready, because these fish have been trapped since the Prehistoric Age – released only by the force of an earth tremor which rips open the lake bed. Unlucky, eh?

Kelly Brook, Elisabeth Shue and Christopher Lloyd all feature in the thriller which turns a holiday of hedonism into a watery nightmare. Unable to stay away from the waters edge for long, Jaws star Richard Drefuss returns in what is set to be a popular, albeit rather silly film.

Catch it at cinemas on August 27th.

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