Lindsay Lohan To Play Linda Lovelace

May 5, 2010 by  
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lindsaylohan210x300The other night just so happened to be teen comedy DVD night at OTB towers. So we all snuggled up under our blankets, braided each others hair and got out the Ferrero Rocher to watch Mean Girls.

We couldn’t believe how young, sweet and innocent Lindsay Lohan looked in that movie compared to the train wreck she is these days. She may have fallen on hard times…and crack…but it looks like la Lohan’s fortunes could be on the up as she’s just been cast in a new movie.

A biopic of porn legend Linda Lovelace is in the works and MTV is reporting that Lohan is ‘confirmed’ for the lead role. The project will be called Inferno and has Matthew Wilder sitting in the director’s chair.

Lovelace became famous after she appeared in the porn classic Deep Throat but later became an anti-porn protester, claiming that she was forced at gunpoint to perform in the film. The film was wildly controversial and it’s likely that the PC bridgade will also be out to boycott Inferno as well if it gets a bit too saucy.

Despite proving herself unreliable in recent years, Robert Rodriguez took a chance on her and cast her in the upcoming Machete. We’re waiting to see if her scenes are still in the final cut though. But hopefully these are signs that Hollywood is willing to welcome her back into the fold.

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