Morris In Hot Water With 7/7 Families

May 6, 2010 by  
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Four-Lions-on-set-001 - 210On the eve of the election, Britain has another equally contentious issue to consider. Indeed, the release of Chris Morris’s much lauded/maligned Four Lions is to cause more than a stir at cinemas nationwide.

The comedy, which Morris has said shows “the dad’s Army side to terrorism”, tells the story of four Muslims plotting an attack on the London Marathon, and is being called to be boycotted by families of the victims of the 7/7 London bombings.

Grahame Russell and Graham Foulkes, who both lost their sons in the 2005 bombings, are not happy with the way in which Four Lions portrays terrorism, and have specifically clamoured for cinemas to not show the film.

Although the satirist has said he does not set out to be intentionally controversial, he must have been well aware of the can of worms he was opening by dealing with such a hot topic.

Castmember Arsher Ali has said previously, “A film like this is obviously a very strong counterpoint to the very serious side of it, which none of us condone, but there are human stories that need to be told, which can be quite touching.”

Let’s hope Morris emerges unscathed from this particular work.

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