Jon Favreau Talks Iron Man 3

May 10, 2010 by  
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Favreau210With Iron Man 2 top of the US Box Office this week, MTV has been speaking to director Jon Favreau about the future solo instalments of Tony Stark. Iron Man will feature in the superhero smorgasbord The Avengers in 2012, so it’s not clear exactly where that will put Stark when the dust has settled.

But Favreau has revealed that the next film will most likely feature one of Iron Man’s greatest enemies, The Mandarin. “You’ve got to do The Mandarin but the problem is, the way he’s depicted in the comic books… you don’t want to see that.”

Well in the comics, he’s a bad ass Chinaman with martial arts skills so strong that he can beat Iron Man with his bare hands. But as he gets his power from the ten magical rings that he wears (you can find various references to him in the last two movies), that might seem a little out of place in film centred on advanced technology.

But with Thor coming up – a hammer wielding supernatural son of the God Odin – magic probably won’t be too much of a stretch any more.

There’s still no word on whether Stark’s battle with alcoholism will be a feature. Come on Favreau, have the balls to do a story with a little bit of darkness.

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