Wu Tang’s RZA To Direct Kung Fu Flick

May 10, 2010 by  
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RZA210The Wu Tang Clan have always loved their martial arts movies (if the name didn’t give you any clue, they released a fighting game in 1999 and their music is littered with references to classic chop socky flicks).

But now RZA, one of the founding members, has finally decided that the future lies in making a film of his own. According to Deadline, he’s signed a deal with Universal to direct a film that he’s written with Eli Roth, which will see a blacksmith (RZA naturally), having to pick up his own weapons to defend a feudal Chinese village.

And his friendship with Quentin Tarantino will clearly come in handy as he’s apparently been picking up some directing tips.

“He went to the set of Kill Bill, and got a master directing course from Quentin,” says Roth. “While I was away shooting Inglourious Basterds, RZA went to China to shoot test footage on his own, with all the choreography. It was very visual and I think he will bring to life a script that mixes kung fu with a spaghetti Western mindset and a hip hop influence.”

After the relative disappointment that was Ong Bak 2, could RZA inject some new life into the flagging martial arts genre? Shooting starts in Hong Kong this September.

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