Splice Director To Make Neuromancer

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natali21-I’ve just had a minor geekgasm as it’s been revealed that Splice director Vincenzo Natali will be working on an adaptation of William Gibson’s groundbreaking cyberpunk work, Neuromancer.

“As soon as I finish my Splice tour, I’m going to start writing Neuromancer” he said, describing it as being about “evolving our minds, where Splice is about evolving out bodies”

Gibson was the man who invented the term “Cyberspace” and Neuromancer was largely responsible for the popularisation of the cyberpunk movement. Its plot follows Case, a hacker recruited by a shadowy organisation to infiltrate an artificial intelligence owned by an international mega corporation. It has a style very similar to Blade Runner, the release of which almost stopped Gibson from completing the book.

It’s not the first time Gibson’s had a brush with Hollywood. One of his early short stories, Johnny Mnemonic was made into a disastrous movie with Keanu Reeves 1996 and a lot of his ideas were played with in The Matrix (Gibson actually refers to the cyberspace world as the matrix in the book) but Natali sees this as a boon rather than a hindrance.

“It’s a good thing for Neuromancer that those films exist. Thanks to The Matrix, a lot of these ideas are now a part of the popular consciousness. So when you make the Neuromancer movie, in whenever it’s going to be, you don’t have to explain a lot. It’s already understood, and then you can get to the really good stuff. Which in my mind is about approaching the post-human world.”

With characters like Molly, a technologically modified human with silver lenses for eyes and retractable blades for fingernails; Dixie, a human consciousness stuck in the matrix after he died while online and Riviera who uses his abilities to create subliminal fantasies, there’s a lot of good stuff for Natali to get to grips with.

Geeks are notoriously protective over Neuromancer, it’s the holy grail of cyberpunk, so Natali will have to pull out something special if he’s going to make it work but I’m stupidly excited already.

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