Katherine Heigl Becomes Immortal

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Heigl210The ever-likable Katherine Heigl is about to become immortal according to The Hollywood Reporter. The star of The Ugly Truth and Knocked Up will star in The Age Of Adaline, a new epic romance from Lakeshore Entertainment.

Her immortality is apparently caused by an accident at the start of the 20th century which causes her to live by herself until she meets that one special person who she might give up her immortality for. Sounds like an Arwen/Aragorn situation to us although Heigl is probably unlikely to be sporting those pointy ears.

And since when do you choose when you get to become un-immortal? It sounds less sci-fi and much more fairy dust, which would be a more traditional approach for an “epic romance”.

Goodloe wrote Pride, a film about a black swimmer overcoming discrimination and A Gentleman’s Game, the story of a young boy with a passion for golf, so it seems a bit of departure for him. The fact that he had several bit parts in various Richard Donner films (Lethal Weapon, Maverick, Assassins) is also a little bit puzzling – this looks like a totally different direction for him.

Filming begins in October.

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