McClammy To Direct Isla Fisher In Desperados

May 18, 2010 by  
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IslaFisher210We wish all directors had names like Wayne McClammy, the director behind the music videos for I’m Fucking Matt Damon and its follow up I’m Fucking Ben Affleck it’d make writing headlines so much more fun.

Well McClammy (no sniggering at the back there) will be directing Desperados (not to be confused with Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado) which will see Isla Fisher as a woman who sends an outraged email to a man after he doesn’t called her back after sex only to find that he’s in a coma in New Mexico. So begins a cross-country race to erase the email before he wakes up.

Quite why erasing an email to a one-night stand is important isn’t apparent. Wouldn’t you either just forget about it or write a follow up email instead of travelling thousands of miles to fix it?

It’s written by Ellen Rapoport and described as a “female-oriented version of The Hangover“, but to us it sounds more like 2000’s Road Trip where a group of guys had to travel cross-country to erase a sex video that Breckin Myer had sent to his girlfriend by mistake – now that’s motivation.

Spurious plot notwithstanding, it’ll be starting production at the end of the year.

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