Gemma Arterton Describes Gyllenhaal’s Kissing As ‘Alright’

May 19, 2010 by  
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persia300There’s not much film news about today, so we have resorted to taking the bland PR-soaked wafflings of some actors and dressing them up as ‘news’.

Sun-bed loving English beauty Gemma Arterton has beaten off stiff competition from Taylor “I’m no good with computers” Lautner to claim the prize for today’s biggest non-story.

In what must have been a scintilating interview for some US Weekly reporter, Arterton described Jake Gyllenhaal’s snogging skills as ‘alright’. In Hollywood press conference land, we can decode this to mean that kissing her Prince of Persia co-star was about as much fun as giving a seal mouth-to-mouth.

Amazingly enough the pair got on very well while on set. “Jake is funny. He is a wonderful actor as well as everything else..” said Arterton through gritted teeth. We’re assuming that actually saying “etc etc” at the end of that sentence would have been considered bad form.

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