Ianucci Signs For ‘Out The Window’

May 19, 2010 by  
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ianucci300Fans of The Thick Of It, In The Loop and Alan Partridge will be delighted to hear that the writer (and in some cases director) of those wonderful comic creations has written the script for BBC Film’s Out The Window.

According to early reports, Ianucci will be joined on the project by Will Smith and Roger Drew, although and the writer dispelled any rumours that he and Smith will be collaborating on a Victorian feature when updating his Twitter account this morning.

“Woke to hear I’ve signed up actor Will Smith for a biopic of Charles Dickens. All mad. The information age is so b*llocks sometimes,” he wrote.

Creative director of BBC Films Christine Langan explained that there would be “significant US casting” with an American partner reportedly boarding soon. The movie will allegedly be based around an incident that is witnessed and “deeply misunderstood”. Despite these vague details, we have high hopes.

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