Mass Effect To Get Movie Treatment

May 25, 2010 by  
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me210It says a lot that the best video game to movie adaptation so far is Prince Of Persia, but Hollywood’s hunger for new material to convert continues unabated and Bioware’s Mass Effect is next in its sights, having been targetted by Legendary Pictures.

Heat Vision Blog reports that Mass Effect, which follows the adventures of Commander Shepherd as he/she (you decide) explores the galaxy in the SSV Normandy and encounters various alien races, a web of alliances and an epic storyline, has been snapped up by producer Avi Arad (the producer behind most of the recent Marvel adaptations).

Spokesman for Legendary Thomas Tull said that Mass Effect was “ripe for translation, as it boasts depth, compelling characters and an engaging back story,”. That’s actually true as Bioware games have a reputation for being at the very least well written – many of the problems related to the adaptations of video games is that many of them have plots written by a team of excitable monkeys.

Mark Protosevich who wrote I Am Legend and who has been doing some script touch-ups for Thor, will be handling the uneviable task of boiling a 30 hour game down to two hours of cinema gold.

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