Michael Bay To Adapt Gideon’s Sword

May 25, 2010 by  
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Baysplosions210There’s a bit of a worrying trend for books to be optioned for films before they’re even published and Variety has reported that trigger-happy, explosion monger Michael Bay will be working on an adaptation of the yet unpublished Gideon’s Sword for Paramount.

It’s co-written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, two authors that have worked together several times on horror/techno-thriller novels who plan to get a new series off the ground called Gideon’s Crew beginning with the release of Sword next February.

There’s no plot details at the moment, given that it…uh…hasn’t even been written yet but given their previous work, it’s likely to be more of the same but with a bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure. And good luck getting any information out of Michael Bay, he’s notorious for keeping a lid on his projects. We’ll give you more details as they come in.

Let’s see if Michael Bay can make a sword explode…

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