A-Team Director Targets Preacher Adaptation

June 7, 2010 by  
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Preacher300Chances are these days that if you’ve written a successful comic series or graphic novel, sooner or later it’ll be optioned as a movie.

Joe Carnahan is the next director to set his sights on yet another comic hot property – this time it’s Garth Ennis’s wonderful graphic novel, Preacher.

Preacher is a modern-day Biblical western which follows the adventures of Reverend Jesse Custer who has the power of The Word Of God – the sound of which makes any creature obey him. His adventures lead him to encounter the hard-drinking Irish vampire, Cassidy, The Patron Saint Of Killers, his own twisted family and a mysterious organisation called The Grail on a quest to find God who has gone missing.

It’s been languishing in development hell since 1998 when it pitched to Miramax, then batted to Storm Entertainment but it was eventually dropped for being religiously controversial. HBO then optioned it as a series in 2004 but that eventually fell through for similar reasons.

It was picked up again in 2009 when John August revealed he’d been hired to write the screenplay with Sam Mendes attached to direct but Mendes has now jumped ship to work on the next Bond movie.

Preacher is an excellent series and needs to be handled with care. Dare we say that Carnahan isn’t really the person for the job. Smokin’ Aces was pretty terrible (although Ben Affleck being killed off inside 10 minutes would bring a smile to anyone’s lips) and the jury’s still out on the new A-Team movie.

But it’s not the only comic creation he’s got his eye on. Carnahan also mentions that Taskmaster would make a good adaptation. That’s another tricky one as hardly anyone outside of comic-book land has heard of him (to the uninitiated, he’s a badass that has the power to physically copy any skill he sees, making him a dangerous adversary), but so was Blade and that turned out rather well.

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