John Lithgow Swings In To Rise Of The Apes

June 23, 2010 by  
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Lithgow210John Lithgow is the latest cast member to join the Planet Of The Apes prequel according to Heat Vision Blog.

The actor, probably most famous for his role in sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun has been rejuvenating his serious acting career of late with a stint as a serial killer in Dexter.

We always knew he could play sinister – he’s clearly the best thing about Stallone’s Cliffhanger (“Do you know what true love is? Sacrifice…”) and he can certainly do authoritive father figure (Footloose), but is he up to playing James Franco’s dementia-ridden dad?

There’s a bit more plot detail along with the news. Apparently the evolutionary leaps that monkeys, chimps and orang utans make in the film are down to research into Alzheimer’s disease – the exact same premise in 1999’s Deep Blue Sea which created those super sharks and one of the worst lines in movie history – “We increased their brain capacity and as a side effect, they got smarter” – sheesh. Let’s hope Rise Of The Apes is a little bit sharper than that.

Meanwhile, Slumdog Millionaire breakthrough actress Freida Pinto has also been confirmed for the cast which is shaping up to be rather strong with The Escapist‘s Rupert Wyatt in the director’s chair. The apes are going to be digitally done by WETA so they’re certainly in safe hands. It’s scheduled for a 2011 release – time enough to make amends for the last attempt at Planet Of The Apes – that godawful Tim Burton effort which is best left buried.

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