Newcomer Takes Kevin Bacon’s Role In Footloose

June 23, 2010 by  
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Kenny210As the endless wittering parade of feckless 80s remakes continues, news has reached us that relative unknown Kenny Wormald will be stepping into Kevin Bacon’s dancing shoes in the retooling of classic dance ‘em up Footloose.

You might have seen a few of his parts in things like Clerks 2 or Center Stage: Turn It Up, but chances are this is the first time you’ve heard the name. It’s not an easy one to forget, if you don’t confuse it with an industrial pesticide.

Ren’s mantle (and possibly mullet) was going to be taken up by Zac Effron who dropped out because of fears of typecasting. He took with him High School Musical director Kenny Ortega. After that, studios scraped up Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford but he’s soon departed following scheduling problems.

It seems that all these woes have come to an end as Craig Brewer is now directing, Julianne Hough is down for Ariel and Dennis Quaid is reportedly cast as her music-hating, tough-loving, preacher father.

With everything in the bag now, all they need to do is start shooting so with any luck (or not as the case may be with remakes) it’ll hit our screens next year.

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