Spike Lee Teams Up With James Cameron

June 29, 2010 by  
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spike_lee300It’s been two years since Spike Lee directed anything for the silver screen (his last effort was the controversial war film, Miracle At St. Anna). Now it seems that he’s in line to direct another close-to-the- bone thriller in Nagasaki Deadline which will have James Cameron and his Lightstorm Entertainment producing.

Its script, which sees an FBI agent racing against time to stop a terrorist attack has been languishing in Hollywood for a number of years and was eventually shelved by Fox who evidently deemed it a bit too close for comfort after the events of 9/11. It’s been floating around again lately but lost its director Martin Campbell to Green Lantern.

It’s a project which seems like a good vehicle for Lee who excels at directing incendiary material (Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X). James Cameron producing will give it some extra clout too and the subject of terrorism is still a touchy one for Hollywood, so expect Lee to make the most of that. No doubt we’ll be getting casting information soon. Watch this space.

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